At the beginning of the year, Giuliano Cameroni managed to climb the 8c boulder La Rustica in Val Bavona. This video shows his ascent - and how wobbly he got out. Meanwhile, the exit scene has even been parodied.

Giuliano Cameroni is known for difficult bouldering and his controlled, static climbing style. At the beginning of the year he was able to climb several difficult lines that he had been projecting for a long time. Including that of Jimmy Webb first started 8c boulder La Rustica in Val Bavona, Ticino.

For a long time Giuliano could not climb the key point on a pair of pliers to a finger hole. At the beginning of the year he was able to overcome the hurdle and get off the boulder. But not as solid as usual, as the following video shows. Giuliano crawls up the edge of the boulder, lies on the block and then stands in the middle of the final slab for a minute until he completely tops the boulder. Apparently the nerves were on edge.

Dylan Taylor took this shaky exit as an opportunity to parody Giuliano. The video can be found below, following the uncut video of the actual ascent.

Giuliano Cameroni climbs La Rustica (8c)

Dylan Tayler makes fun of Giuliano

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