The two German competition athletes Jan Hojer and Yannick Flohé climbed the 9a-Route Working Class within a single day. Both devalue the route to 8c +.

On the way to training with their colleagues from the national team Jan Hojer and Yannick Flohe a short stop at the Nördlicher Kleinziegenfelder Tal to make short work of a route from the old master Markus Bock close.

Said and done. Within a very short time, the two deciphered the most important parts of the route and began serious attempts.

Both climb the route until the end of the day

Jan reached the diverter of the route Working class already on his first real attempt and Yannick double shortly afterwards right after. Both are aware that due to their intensive training they are currently very fit. Nevertheless, the two propose a downgrade of the route to 8c +.

We would of course like to claim to score a 9a in just one day, but we think 8c + is more appropriate.

Jan Hojer

Whether the difficulty of the route is 8c + or 9a, the performance of the two is impressive. We are excited to see their performance at the first IFSC World Cup of the season in Meiringen from 16./17. April 2021.

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Credits: Cover picture Jan Hojer

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