Bernese Jonas Schild manages the 9a route Victimes del Futur in Margalef, Spain. It is the first route for him in this level of difficulty.

Nachdem Jonas shield Already in spring 2019 close to the crossing of the route Victims of the future he decided to return this fall.

"I still can not get it right. Yesterday I scored Victims del Futur, my first 9a. "

Jonas shield for the ascent

Jonas, who had already climbed several routes in the area 8c and 8c +, had on Victims of the future not only physically biting, but also mentally. After falling in the same spot several times, his project became a mental challenge.

Jonas Schild while planning the route Victimes Del Futur

His decision Spain returning and facing the challenge has definitely paid off for the 27 year old. In addition to the celebration of his first 9a route, he also took the red dot of the route on the same day Aitzol (8b +), also in Margalef.

Jonas Schild on the commission of Hybris (8c +) in Lehn

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Credits: Cover picture Anva Creative