We remember: In February 2022, Mammut brought over climber Adam Ondra to the team, which already had a strong presence with Jakob Schubert. Almost exactly one year later, the Swiss outdoor company announces another prominent addition: Olympic gold medalist Alberto Ginés López.

In the background, two signs are already announcing the «Olympic Champion». In the foreground, an employee is preparing quickdraws, belts, ropes and clothing for the "New Athlete". If you still haven't climbed, you'll smile in the Insta-Reel a few seconds later Alberto Gines Lopez opposite. The Olympic champion is new to Mammoth under contract and strengthens the Pro Team.

Schubert as a door opener

It is no coincidence that Jakob Schubert greeted his new teammate with warm words on social media. The two are good friends thanks to their time together in the international competition arena. And: The initial contact with Mammut came not least thanks to the newly crowned European Combined Champion from Austria.

"Alberto complements our already strong international team of athletes and, as the first Olympic champion in climbing history, completes what is probably the best climbing team in the world with Hannah Meul, Adam Ondra, Jakob Schubert, Katherine Choong, Sascha Lehmann, Ai Mori and many more."

Lena Wimmer, mammoth

Focus on competitive climbing?

"Adam, me and Alberto - I would call this a pretty strong team." With this statement, Mammut Pro Athlete Jakob Schubert hit the nail on the head, especially since Alberto Ginés López is one of the strongest competitive climbers of his generation.

In view of the developments in climbing - from climbing as an independent Olympic discipline to the efforts of the IFSC to further increase the popularity of climbing - Alberto Ginés López's approach can also be read as a stronger positioning in the indoor area.

The departure of Alpinist almost fits the thesis that Mammut wants to focus more on competition climbing Dani Arnold. After more than 12 years, the mountain guide and professional alpinist says goodbye to the Mammut family. Lena Wimmer denies: One has nothing to do with the other.

«For us, mountaineering with all its facets, with mountaineering, climbing but also winter sports, is at the core of our brand. Climbing and especially competitive climbing has of course gained in importance in recent years. We're really happy about that."

Lena Wimmer, mammoth

At the same time, Mammut continues to focus just as heavily on mountaineering, which is also reflected in the team of athletes. Lena Wimmer names Stephan Siegrist, Marek Holecek, Nico Hojac, Franziska Schönbächler and Jonas Schild as examples.

What is certain is that Mammut, with the trio Ondra, Schubert, Ginés López, is well positioned for the forthcoming World Championships in Bern. And who knows, maybe the three musketeers together will crack the previously unsolved Project Big in Flatanger.

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Credits: Cover picture Jan Virt / IFSC

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