If our interpretations of a recently published video are correct, Adam Ondra will soon be under contract with the Swiss outdoor outfitter Mammut.

That would be big news! Adam Ondra has been an athlete with for many years Black Diamond and maintains long-standing relationships with its sponsors. A few hours ago, however, Adam Ondra published an Instagram post that indicates a move to Mammut.

In the video published by Adam Ondra, numerous short sequences are lined up and enriched with the following text panels.

All adventures are mysteries connecting the past, all our hard work, visions and plans like river streams to the threads of our lives, clouds of dreams with those close to us, forging the memories. February 1, 2022.

Video Adam Ondra

Several scenes and images appearing in the video are clearly from Mammoth. At the beginning, historical pictures of the founders of Mammut are shown, Mammut products can be seen and the places where Adam Ondra is standing indicate the entrance area of ​​Mammut's headquarters.

In our opinion, the last scene with the handshake, combined with the date February 1, 2022, should be seen as a clear sign that Adam Ondra will be officially announced as the new mammoth athlete in a few days.

So is Adam Ondra turning his back on Black Diamond soon and switching to Swiss mountaineering equipment supplier Mammut?

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