The Geneva Mathieu Holtz climbs with Bloodbath in the climbing area Saint Loup his second 9a of the year.

He seems to be in top form, 32-year-old Mathieu Holtz from Geneva. Already in August he took care of the first ascent of the route Les rats sous-marins at Belloset for attention, for whom he suggested the degree 9a. It was his first ever 9a ever. Mathieu will have thought well then whether he should give the route really a 9a or not.

Less time - better performance

He shows that he is fit with the quick ascent of Bain de sang: “I started working the route last Monday and it took me two days and five tries to send it. This route perfectly suits my climbing style like Bellosset ”, he says in an interview with LACRUX. It is striking how its performance curve has been pointing upwards over the past few months. Mathieu has an explanation for this that some of you are probably familiar with: “Since I became a dad last year I've had less time for myself. I've put a lot more effort in my training so that I was able to make the most out of my free time. I don't have any time to waste anymore and I always try to switch my mind into fighting mode so i can make every day out climbing count. "

Mathieu Holtz at the celebration of his first 9a - Les rats sous marins (picture zVg).
Mathieu Holtz inspecting his first 9a - Les rats sous marins (picture provided).

From classic to classic

To the question, what to the commission of Bloodbath Following, Mathieu replied that he wanted the two routes Bimbaluna (9a / 9a +) as well Ultime souffrance Check out (9a). Bimbaluna was from François Nicole, the brother of Fred Nicole, first in March 2004. Another classic of the area Saint Loup is the second-named route, Ultime souffrance, first attained by David Hollow ten years ago.

Credits: Picture Mathieu Holtz

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