The German professional climber Alexander Megos is in the frenzy of climbing and is climbing another 9a route in the Spanish climbing area of ​​Margalef: Kulebras Gemelas.

Note: After this article went to press, we received another success message. More on this below.

The news from Spain is rolling over and over again. About a month ago began the stay in Spain Alexander Megos. and since then we have not been able to calm down in the editorial office. First, Megos managed the first iteration of the route King Cappella (9b + / 9b), then followed Furia de Jabali (9b) and now he gets the first ascent of a line that he initially classified as barely climbable. But he was wrong.

"After trying the trains on the route, I knew it was difficult, but doable."

Alexander Megos.

Step by step, Megos began to unravel the difficult moves and was finally able, thanks to tips from his friend Alexander tube climb all key points. Then, after two days of absence, Megos returned to the route and made a promising attempt.

To my own surprise, I didn't fall until the last difficult move.

Alexander Megos.

On the day Alexander Megos had to admit defeat, but he returned the day after - with success. He managed to climb the route set up by Jordi Pou Kulebras Gemelas in the Laboratori sector, Margalef. Although the bare line looked super difficult when looking at it, Kulebras Gemelas did not turn out to be "Next Level Hard", as Alexander Megos puts it. As a rating, he carefully suggests 9a.

UPDATE - December 14, 2021, 23.14:XNUMX p.m.

We guessed it, and we started this article by saying that the headlines were going to roll over. They did so again before writing this article and after going to press. Because Alexander Megos cracks another route in the ninth French degree: La Capella.

For the time being no rating by Alex Megos

Adam Ondra, who started the route for the first time, wasn't sure whether to rate La Capella with a 9a + or 9b, but then threw 9b into the group. Most of the repeaters accepted the suggestion - with the exception of Jakob Schubert. He scored the route a few days ago and stated 9a + as the degree of difficulty. For his part, Alexander Megos did not evaluate the route for the time being, but announced that he would publish a post on route evaluation. We sing eagerly.

Alexander Megos during the ascent of Furia de Jabali

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Credits: Cover picture Marco Zanone