Michaela Kiersch manages the red point ascent of La Rambla in Siurana, probably the most famous 9a + route in Spain. After Margo Hayes and Chaehyun Seo, the American is only the third woman to do so.

With their inspection of La Rambla (9as+) raises Michaela Kiersch their red dot level to a new level. Until recently, this was 9a, implemented in autumn 2021 on one of the most aesthetic routes in the world: Dreamcatcher (9a) in Squamish. Now the strong American puts another shovel on top with only the third women's ascent of La Rambla.

«La Rambla, 9a+. I have more to say, but only after I've processed this moment."

Michaela Kiersch
Michaela Kiersch scores La Rambla (9a +) in Siurana. Image: Colette McInerney
Michaela Kiersch scores La Rambla (9a +) in Siurana. Picture: Colette McInerney

Top in bouldering and on the rope

Michaela Kiersch has made an impressive development in recent years. For example, she can claim the first female ascent of Super Tweak (8c), as well as repetitions of Dreamcatcher (9a) or Apex Predator (8c +).

At the same time, the strong American has also raised her bouldering level to new spheres. In winter 2022, she advanced to grade 8B+ for the first time with Hailstorm (Lacrux reported). During her Magic Wood trip with Alex Puccio in early summer 2022, she pulled a row of hard boulders, including New Baseline (8b +), Tigris sit (8B +), Riverbed (8B) or Steppenwolf (8B).

Video: Michaela Kiersch in Dreamcatcher

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Credits: Cover picture Colette McInerney