On Saturday morning, February 27, 2021, a mountain accident occurred in the Girenspitz area. A 27-year-old mountaineer was killed.

The experienced mountaineer from Thurgau was in the company of a mountaineer in the «Girenspitz» area. During the descent, the 27-year-old man slipped on a hard snowfield and fell.

On Saturday lunchtime, the companion alerts the rescue workers. Despite difficult weather conditions, the man was localized by REGA in cooperation with Alpine Rescue Switzerland, but unfortunately only found dead.

The mountaineer is looked after by the CARE AR / AI team. Employees of the Säntis railway and specialist services from the Appenzell Ausserrhoden canton police were also on duty.

Professional alpinist speaks up

Michi Wohlleben, professional alpinist and mountain guide, reports on the fatal accident on Facebook. He advises against going right onto the ridge after the single bolt in the last couloir, but rather going up directly through the couloir, keeping slightly to the left.

Image Michi Wohlleben

The trail on which the 27-year-old climber died is often walked on - by Michi Wohlleben, among others, last week - but in the current conditions it is not recommended or should at least be walked with great caution.

The line ends at the top under the north face of the Girenspitze and to get to the Girensattel you have to traverse a very bulbous, exposed and steep cornice, descending slightly.

Michi Wohlleben

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Credits: Text of the Appenzell Ausserrhoden canton police, cover picture Border / CC BY-SA 0