They're young, they're strong, and they're climbing at a level that would have been unimaginable not too long ago. One representative of this new generation of climbers is 13-year-old Andrea Chelleris, who recently climbed his second 9a route with Martin krpan.

1985 conquered climbing pioneer Catherine Destivelle at the age of 25 with Fleur de rocaille as the first woman the level of difficulty 8a - a sensation. Three and a half decades later, the headlines read: «World record: 12-year-old Andrea Chelleris climbs Pure Dreaming (9a)","Gianluca Vighetti: 9a at the age of twelve - is it a world record?»Or«Youngest 9a climber: Theo Blass (12) scores Trip Tik Tonik».

One of the new generation of climbers: Gianluca Vighetti climbs 9a

Enormous development potential

It's impressive when a new generation of climbers is announced, which advances to the ninth degree of French at a young age. Who was able to climb 9a with exactly how many months difference may not play such a big role. It is much more exciting to imagine where the journey will take us if the new generation can already score 9a sport climbing routes before they hit puberty.

Same route, same age: 13-year-old Andrea Chelleris climbs the 16a route Martin krpan like Adam Ondra 9 years before him.

In the footsteps of Adam Ondra

Besides Theo Blass, Gianluca Vighetti, Horny Macia, Roc Vergés Solé or Qiu Ziheng is currently also the Italian Andrea Chelleris well on the way, following in the footsteps of Adam Ondra to kick - and this in two respects. In climbing area Mišja Peč he repeated the 9a route Martin krpan. He not only managed an officially confirmed 9a route at the same age as Adam Ondra. The 13-year-old also climbed exactly the same route as the Czech climbing pro back then.

Andrea Chelleris is with me Pure Dreaming there is already another 9a in his tour book, although the rating of this line is not entirely uncontroversial. Several climbers, including Alex Megos, had downgraded the route to 8c+.

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Credits: Cover picture Andrea Chelleris