Adam Ondra first climbed the Pungitopo (8c + / 9a) line in the Laghel valley outside of Arco - by invitation, so to speak. Local Francesco Morandi spotted the aesthetic line years ago and nailed it. Since it was too hard for him himself, he offered the first ascent to Adam Ondra, who gratefully accepted this offer.

What to do if the newly discovered route is really difficult and you still want to know if it's climbable? That's right, you call Ropegun Adam Ondra on. That has probably also Francesco Morandi thought when he saw the beautiful line in a side valley outside of Arco Butcher's broom (8c+/9a) and continued the drilling work of a climber friend.

As the following video shows, Francesco Morandi did not pick up the phone out of self-interest, but was looking for a worthy first ascent for his creation. Because Pungitopo has a special meaning for him for personal reasons.

Video: Adam Ondra on the first ascent of Pungitopo (8c + / 9a)

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