On Saturday 29. June 2019, against 21.45 clock, the cantonal police Freiburg was informed about a rockfall in the Gastlosen. At the moment, no missing messages have been received by the police. Maybe the routes Nikita / Elsa are affected.

The rock fall in the Gastlosen occurred from the summit group "Marchzähne" in the direction of "Büelsgrabe", as the cantonal police reports.

For the first stocktaking the REGA, the rescue column of the SAC and the cantonal police of Freiburg were on site. The cause of this event is unknown and will be followed by clarification by specialists. To date, no details can be given on the extent of the decline.

Blocking the footpath and the road

In order to secure the affected sector and advance the clarifications, the Canton Poli era is asking the population to avoid the southern flank of the Gastlosen.

For the pedestrians:
The hiking trail between “Wolfs Ort” and “Châlet Grat” is closed until Friday.

For the vehicles:
The mountain road to the «Châlet Grat» is closed (from point 1241) until Friday.

In this area of ​​the Gastlosen occurred the rock fall

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Credits: text Cantonal police of Friborg, Picture Patric Zbinden / CC BY-SA 3.0


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