The Actiontalk TV team accompanied Swiss alpinist Roger Schäli to the Gimmelwald sports climbing area in the Bernese Oberland. The video contribution offers a look behind the scenes of the professional athlete and his handling of the pressure to climb through.

He is more the alpinist, says Roger on the way to the legendary climbing garden of gimmelwald and explains the panorama: Jungfrau, Äbeni Flue, Gspaltenhorn and Co. stand majestically - combined terrain, that is Roger's supreme discipline.

Steep and spectacular: the route in the Gimmewald climbing area in the Bernese Oberland. (Picture Actiontalk TV)

But you can also often find him in pure sport climbing; he always draws attention to himself with demanding tours, for example with Mind control (8c / 8c +) in Oliana. Or with hard routes in Gimmelwald, here he already has the classic Hexenküche (8b +) dotted. Now stand with Trummelbach Another step on and the camera team from Action Talk should film it.

It does take some effort to overcome, considering that grade 8b + is now quite normal. Finally they climb 9a left and right.

Roger Schäli

But does a route have to scratch the upper limit in order to be filmed? We don't think so. There is a story behind every inspection, no matter what degree. Roger did not manage the ascent on that day, so much was anticipated.

A welcome resting place on the Trümmelbach route near Gimmelwald. (Picture Actiontalk TV)

And yet, or just because of that, he gave us strong insights into the sensitive mental area when it comes to the climb. The story behind every inspection, just. Only it is rarely addressed as clearly as by Roger. See for yourself!

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Credits: Pictures Action Talk TV