The Frenchman Sébastien Bouin manages the first ascent of the hardest route in France. At La Ramirole, Verdon, he succeeds after several attempts, the redpoint ascent of La Rage d'Adam, which he cautiously classified with 9b / +.

As soon as the midsummer temperatures passed, it drew Seb Bouin back into the Verdon Gorge to finally draw a line under his long-term project La Rage d'Adam. The line at La Ramirole was set up by Antonin Rhodes and tried by Seb four years ago for the first time.

"The route with its movements and its beauty is really impressive. At the beginning you climb over six exons in the 8c area until you reach the key point. Now follow ten damn heavy trains on small pliers and underruns in super steep terrain. "

Seb Bouin on La Rage d'Adam (9b / +)

Anyone who has overcome the 8c section and the keyhole must "only" continue to climb 25 meters in the 8b area to earn the redpoint ascent. That the route is damn hard shows the fact that Adam Ondra In the year 2015 could not even climb the key position.

"When I got to the keyhole and studied the movements for 20 minutes, I still could not find a solution that was rock-solid. I tried a crazy Gaston solution that did not work. For me, the route was not climbable in the near future, so my conclusion. "

Adam Ondra about his attempt in the route La Rage d'Adam

Seb Bouin, on the other hand, did not give up and since then drove annually to the Verdon Gorge to work on the route. With success. Last Wednesday, 4. September 2019, he managed the first ascent of the hardest route in France, La Rage d'Adam (9b / +).

Seb Bouin designing La Rage d'Adam

In the assessment quarrels Seb Bouin, Adam, on the other hand, thinks the route has been pretty safe in the 9b / b + area, or possibly even more difficult. Adam is the one in our interview series "Athletes Ask AthletesSeb Bouin asked why he always rated his routes so hard. More in this article.

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Credits: Julia Cassou