At the beginning of June, Anak Verhoeven climbed Belgium's most difficult climbing route with Kraftio (8c + / 9a). Now she publishes an uncut video of the inspection. The video shows them the route im Schneckentempo climbs.

She is known for her slow climbing style. While Chris Sharma is known for its explosive and dynamic climbing Anak made a name for their static climbing.

At competitions, which are partly about the climbing pace, this was already fatal. So it’s all the more exciting to walk the toughest route in Belgium, Kraftio (8c + / 9a).

Video: Anak Verhoeven during the first ascent of the Kraftion climbing route

And while we're at Anak Verhoeven's videos and hard route inspections. Here you can see Anak in the route Joe Mama, a 9a +, which she scored in late 2019 (LACRUX reported).

Anak Verhoeven in Joe Mama (9a +)

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Credits: Cover picture John Janssens