Anak Verhoeven seems to have recovered from her elbow injury. She succeeds in the XNUMXa + route Joe Mama in Oliana. It is the second route of this grade for the Belgian.

Climbing routes with a difficulty of XNUMXa + was only climbed by three women worldwide so far: Margo Hayes, Angela Eiter and Anak Verhoeven , Anak first climbed a route in this grade in September XNUMX (Sweet Neuf in Pierrot Beach ). Since this was a first ascent, it is not clear if the grade is confirmed.

The confirmation that Anak 9a + can climb, delivers it at the latest with their recent inspection. The route Joe Mama was from the American Joe Kinder in Oliana furnished and through Klemen Becan first arrived in March 2016. Further inspections, among other things Chris Sharma and Jakob Schubert, came and confirmed the degree 9a +.

Come back after a long injury break

Due to an elbow injury shortly after committing her first 9a +, Sweet Neuf, Anak remained aloof from all international competitions until recently, devoting himself to recovery and slow reconstruction. With success, as with the commission of Joe Mama impressively proves.

The route is around 30 meters and 40 trains long and without a particularly heavy point. The key to success is pure stamina. An even more difficult route climbed so far only one woman: Angela Eiter you can La Planta de Shiva (9b).

Thanks to him, the world knows of Anak's recent visit: Toni Mas Buchaca

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