The 13 year-old Oriane Bertone from La Réunion once again managed to climb a difficult route: a few days ago, she climbed Chikungunya (8c +) in the Quaki climbing area in her home country.

Already a year ago, at the age of 12 years, a murmur went through the climbing scene. Oriane Bertone climbed as the youngest person a 8b + Boulder (Report and video on LACRUX). With her most recent and to date most difficult ascent of the Chikungunya route (8c), she once again makes people sit up and take notice. “The last section and specially the final boulder is really hard. It was called 8c + in the topo, but as I downgraded Pari (8b +), Chikungunya seems to me more like a 8c. Very pumpy and cool to climb ”, says the young climber.

Oriane Bertone crossing Chikungunya at Quaki

Credits: Cover picture Margot Bertone

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