The Swiss top climber Katherine Choong, like many other top athletes, devotes herself to the Spanish rocks, while in the more northern climes the snow and the minus temperatures make the ski tourers happy.

The 25-year-old Jurassian climbs on the Spanish rock roller in Oliana Mind control and Fish Eye Two 8c routes in just four days. Mind Control was initially traded as 8c +, but later devalued, as Katherine confirms. After finding a solution to the crux, she climbed the route in one day. "That speaks rather for a 8c. Although one has to say that the route is exactly my style - no really hard moves, just stamina. But sure, the route was 50 meters long and the fight ended with a lot of joy, "comments Katherine.

Mon Dieu onsight

As if touring two 8c routes were not respectable enough, by the way, Katherine climbed a 8a + onsight with Mon Dieu. Katherine will be climbing in Spain and France until the end of March and will then return to Switzerland. Because there is an internship as a lawyer. The law degree concluded the 25 year just now.

Katherine Choong_Portrait
Katherine Choong

Picture: Gabriel Rancourt Photography,


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