Ryuichi Murai had only eleven days in Averstal in the canton of Graubünden, five of them were raining. All the more impressive is the number Boulders, the Ryuichi Murai climbs in time, yes, almost flies up.

And sorry that we are after you Message with Adam Ondra continue to present a ticklist. But impressive, right? Three times 8c, three 8b +, three 8b and so on. In almost six days, crass! The complete list can be found below. Here first of all moving pictures.

Ryuichi Murai in the ascent of Steppenwolf

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Here at bouldering Practice of the wild

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The complete Magic Wood ticklist from Ryuichi Murai

  • La Force Tranquille (8c)
  • In search of time lost (8c)
  • Practice of the wild (8c)
  • Remembrance of things past (8b +)
  • Never ending story (8b +)
  • Ill Thrill (8b +)
  • Riverbed (8b)
  • One summer in paradise 8B / V13
  • Steppenwolf 8B / V13
  • High Spirit 8A + / B
  • The bizarre ride 8A +
  • Massive Attack 8A +
  • Sofasurfer 8A / A +
  • Nothing Changes 8A
  • Voigas 8A
  • Mother's Day 8A
  • Foxy Dyno 8A
  • Piranha 7C +
  • Altitude zone 7C

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