Yesterday, the International Climbing Federation IFSC announced a new deal with sports TV provider FloSports. The consequence for all those who are interested in climbing: If you want to follow the World Cup live, you need to subscribe to FloSports for about 150 CHF. No bargain. Accordingly, the resistance in the climbing scene is provoking.

Almost in unison, it sounds on the part of the athletes. On instagram, Facebook and blogs there is opposition to the decision of the IFSC to transfer the transmission of the international competitions exclusively and to demand from the interested persons 150 CHF per year. A petition has already been launched on, which is directed against the fee.

Shaking his head among the athletes

The lack of understanding in the climbing community could not be greater. On Facebook, instagram and other platforms, the resistance is stirring. The loudest call the athletes themselves.

Alexander Megos: The IFSC is taking the wrong path

Among the numerous athletes, the German climber Alexander Megos also comments and comments on the decision as follows: "I've not got too much to do anymore with all the comps but hearing today that the IFSC made the decision to charge people to watch the live stream for world cups made me curious again. If their goal is to promote a developing sport in public by charging money to see a semi professional live stream then I'm not sure if this is the right way. If already geeks seriously consider not watching it anymore how will an average climber or beginner think about watching world cups? Correct. They won't even think about it anymore. Mission accomplished. Thumbs up? (that was sarcasm, spare the comments). "

Jakob Schubert: We have to fight back

Jakob Schubert also gets in touch and comments: "Season is about to kick off !! Leaving to Meiringen tomorrowAs high as my excitement for this weekend is as disappointed at the I about the announcement of the Ifsc today, the livestream of Worldcups will no longer be free. I really doubt this is the right solution to promote climbing. We gotta raise our voice together! "

We are curious to see how the story develops, because the contract between the IFSC and FlowSport is signed.

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