A week ago, the International Climbing Association IFSC announced that the live stream of the World Cup competitions can now only be watched for a fee. This triggered a storm of indignation in the climbing community. The protest has had an impact. The IFSC is back. The livestream will remain free this year as well.

A week ago the IFSC communicated its collaboration with FlowSport. The deal stipulated a fee of CHF 150 for watching the World Cup livestream. Not a bargain! In the climbing scene there was heavy resistance (LACRUX reported). Almost all athletes spoke up in public and asked the IFSC in an open letter to refrain from paying the fee. After the call, the IFSC announced that the first competition of the season in Meiringen would be offered free of charge in the live stream. All further competitions would then cost.

Red card for the IFSC in Meiringen

Athletes show the IFSC the red card in Meiringen (Diego Schäppi Photography)
Athletes show the IFSC the red card in Meiringen (Diego Schäppi Photography)

At the opening ceremony in Meiringen, the IFSC athletes showed the red card - an impressive picture. The pressure on the IFSC did not ease and now - seven days after the decision - the IFSC refrained from paying a fee.

Today's message from the IFSC

It was a mistake and we apologize for that. The live streaming for IFSC wants to stay free of charge, the same as it was at the 1st World Cup in Meiringen, Switzerland and in previous years. The deal - despite having been announced - has not been signed and thus has not been concluded.

Any possible future variation of this policy will be discussed in the IFSC and subject to the approval of our key stakeholders. Let's keep climbing together.

Credits: picture IFSC


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