The cooler the rock, the more grip. Climbing and bouldering in winter is fantastic. The cold is of secondary importance, after all, you are constantly on the move. Warming clothing also helps, but there is still one problem area: the feet. The circulation suffers in the climbing finches, the insulation is also poor, and people climb barefoot. The solution: heated socks.

When are there ways to warm up your feet? Certainly not on the rock, then just during breaks or when belaying. Now, of course, you can arrive in your thickest winter boots. They keep you warm, but they have two problems. On the one hand, putting them on and taking them off is rather tedious and on the other hand you hardly need them all day, in other words, they quickly become bulky, unnecessary baggage. Heated socks are a little more elegant.

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No more freezing thanks to adjustable heated socks

You will find what you are looking for at the Austrian manufacturer Lenz. This is because he has completely dedicated himself to manually heatable textiles, primarily those for the feet. The basic principle is simple: Hardly noticeable heating elements are incorporated into special socks, which are operated by a rechargeable battery. The latter usually has different heat levels from room temperature to inferno for the extra cold days.

Lenz socks come in different designs, ranging from everyday models to those for skiing and the like. If you don't like socks, it's best to use the heated insole. This might even fit into your climbing shoes.

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