The sunny days on the mountain are the best - logically. With high-quality sunscreen we protect our skin from dangerous UV rays - also logical. And the eyes? We like to put the next best pair of glasses on our noses. There are not only protective, but also sophisticated models, especially for mountain sports.

A contribution by Fabian Reichle - Bächli Bergsport

A sunglasses primarily has a protective function. This is all the more important in the mountains, because the dangerous increases for every 1 meters in altitude UV radiation the sun by ten percent. In winter or at full speed, the effect is further enhanced by reflective snow.

Protection factor in five levels

So that this protection can be guaranteed, the tints of high-quality sunglasses are certified in five categories according to an ISO standard. From level 0, which protects the eye from the sun and other factors such as strong winds, to level 4, which is designed for use in glacier regions with particularly high levels of radiation.

The sun's UV radiation increases by ten percent for every 1000 meters of altitude.

Flexible protection with the Shield M Reactive

Self-tinting sunglasses such as these are suitable for changeable conditions Shield M Reactive by Julbo. The glasses automatically adapt to the light conditions and thus vary between levels 2 and 4.

Self-tinting: Julbo's Shield M Reactive sunglasses automatically adapt to the light conditions.

This makes sense, because if you always go with the highest tint level per se, because it offers the best protection, you risk having a field of vision that is far too dark in low light conditions.

A practical detail of the Shield M Reactive that is essential for mountain sports: Removable side panels that prevent the sun's rays from falling in from the side.

Easy game with the Fury Spectron 3

If you like it puristic, you can use a light model like this Fury Spectron 3 by Julbo return. Such sunglasses score particularly well in weight-relevant sports such as trail running. This type has a wide panoramic field of view to scan the surroundings better and faster.

Low weight, wide field of vision: This is what the Fury Spectron 3 offers.

Another advantage of the large frame is its stability. So the goggles stay on your nose even on rough descents on the bike.

Protection for the little ones with Julbo Loop

Don't skimp on equipment for little mountaineers. Protection comes first here.

Great protection for sensitive eyes: the Loop sunglasses reliably protect small children and babies.

At the same time, sunglasses for small children and babies have to be as comfortable and simple as possible – just like them Julbo Loop S or Loop M, which are completely hingeless and equipped with Category Four lenses.

Performance data at a glance with the Evad-1

There are now also suitable models for those who are hungry for data. Digitization has arrived in the sunglasses segment. With the Julbo Evad-1 performance data can be displayed directly in the lens. From the stopwatch to kilometers covered and heart rate, everything is literally in view.

Full control: The Evad-1 displays performance data such as kilometers traveled or heart rate directly in the lens.

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