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Christof Rauch boulders Big Kat (8b +), who dances with the rock (8c) and other classics in Ticino

Christof Rauch scores numerous Ticino classics over the holidays. Including Big Kat (8b +) and Dances with the Rock (8c). The conditions during Christmas and...

These boys and girls are rocking Cresciano, Chironico and Co.

The conditions in Ticino have been awesome for some time. The still relatively low temperatures and low humidity make areas like Cresciano, Chironico and...

David Fitzgerald paid a visit to Ticino

David Fitzgerald shortened his stay in the Malta Valley in November last year due to the bad weather and drove to the sunniest place in Switzerland. In the...

The new Bouldering Guide for Chironico is here

While the icicles are already hanging from the blocks in Magic Wood, top conditions prevail in the bouldering areas south of the Alps. From now on the new...

David Firnenburg clears off in Chironico

David Firnenburg and Andrea Kümin have already returned to Ticino. The two visited the bouldering spot Chironico and came back with a respectable ticklist...

Baptiste Ometz climbs no-fish (8a +)

A few days ago, 18-year-old Baptiste Ometz from Lower Valais climbed the Keinfisch (8a +) line in the Chironico bouldering area in Ticino. The boulder requires kneepad and many hooks....

Kevin Hemund wins the fight against the cat

Kevin Hemund climbs the classic line Big Kat (8b +) in Chironico. "Yes, I wrestled her down. It was quite a challenge. But even the biggest cat...

Giuliano Cameroni dances with the rock

The Swiss boulderer Giuliano Cameroni has ticked off one difficult boulder after the other in the past few weeks. His last coup: Martin Keller's...


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Dave Graham: Back in top form after ring ligament injury

The American professional climber Dave Graham has had a turbulent climbing year - time for a summary.

Are today's professionals all pink point climbers?

Red dot and pink dot are no longer differentiated in the same way as before. We asked various climbing professionals why.

Imposing mixed route in the Dolomites first climbed

Nicola Bertoldo and Diego Dellai open a new mixed route on the north face of Monte Agnèr: Ultima Perla (350m, 5+, M6, 50°).

Move Hard: Seb Bouin's path to silence

With the ascent of Move Hard (9b), Seb Bouin has come another step closer to Adam Ondra's Masterpiece Silence.
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