Christof Rauch scores numerous Ticino classics over the holidays. Including Big Kat (8b +) and The Dancing with the Rock (8c).

The conditions during Christmas and New Year could not have been better. Relatively low temperatures, sunshine and partly light wind. The rush to the Ticino boulder areas was correspondingly high. One who made his way to the south was the Austrian Christof Rauch.

"Big Kat (8b +) is one of the best lines Chironico has to offer and I am really happy to put it on my ticklist"

In Chironico he climbed the from Jimmy Webb first-time 8b + Boulder Big cat, repeated that of Martin keller first time 8c Boulder He dances with the rock and clicked Pure Addiction and Freak Brothers (both 8a +). Stop, there were a few more boulders in his ticklist:

  • Pro Touch, 8b
  • Nike, 8b
  • Supertussi, 8b
  • Soilwork, 8a +
  • Cat on a thin roof, 8a +
  • Camourange, 8a

Only the 8c boulder, which Dave Graham pioneered From the dirt grows the flowers he was denied. Christof fell at the exit mantle six times.

Christof Rauch in the exit mantle of From the dirt grows the flowers


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Video of Giuliano Cameroni in Big Kat (8b +)

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Credits: Cover picture Damien Largeron

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