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9A to the third: Simon Lorenzi repeats Burden of Dreams

The Belgian Simon Lorenzi secured the third ascent of Burden of Dreams in Finland and thus the number three 9A boulder.

Simon Lorenzi climbs Raboutou's Alphane (9A)

The strong Belgian Simon Lorenzi secures an inspection of Alphane. This makes the 25-year-old the third climber this year to repeat Shawn Raboutou's line in Chironico since the first ascent in April.

Simon Lorenzi and Nico Pelorson successful in Magic Wood

The international bouldering elite is currently handing over the blades, bars and slopers in the Averstal. The strong climbers Simon Lorenzi and Nico Pelorson also enjoy the granite blocks. Both don't let anything get in the way and pull the most difficult boulders from day one.

Simon Lorenzi climbs Foundation's Edge (8C) at breakneck speed and targets Alphane (9A).

In 2013, bouldering legend Dave Graham opened Foundation's Edge (8C). Since then, the groin-heavy boulder has been considered a valid test piece in Fionnay. The strong Belgian Simon Lorenzi recently secured an incredibly fast repetition: in just one and a half hours he climbed the line on the third attempt.

Short visit to Ticino: Simon Lorenzi with an impressive tick list

The World Cup start in Meiringen did not go as planned for Simon Lorenzi with 39th place. The Belgian was able to prove his strength in the bouldering paradise of Ticino. In Brione he managed the Boulder Vecchio Leone (8b), Kingdom (8b+/c) and Everything the Light Touches (8c) within a few days.

Video: Camille Coudert fought so hard in Soudain Seul

On February 12, after more than two years and more than 80 sessions, Camille Coudert made the third ascent of the controversial 9a boulder Soudain Seul. Relais Vertical accompanied the Frenchman with the camera and captured his iron will, his commitment and his success for posterity.

Here Simon Lorenzi boulders Off The Wagon low (8c +) | Video

At the end of November, Simon Lorenzi pulled the seat start version of the legendary Boulders Off the Wagen in Val Bavona. Now the strong Belgian is delivering the video of his ascent of the first 8c + boulder in Switzerland.

Video of Simon Lorenzi's first ascent of Big Conviction (8C+)

At the end of January, the Frenchman Simon Lorenzi made the first ascent of the extremely difficult boulder Big Conviction (8c +). The video for his Fontainebleau test piece is now available.



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