The 21-year-old Scotsman William Bosi succeeds in the first ascent of the King Capella (9b +) sport climbing route in Siurana, Spain. If the level of difficulty is confirmed, King Capella is one of the most difficult routes in the world.

Around a year after repeating the famous 9b route La Capella gets Will Bosi the first ascent of an extremely difficult line that runs to the left of La Capella. The new line was set up by David Brasco and, like La Capella, requires a good dose of finger strength and explosiveness.

William Bosi after King Capella's successful ascent in Siurana. Image Band of Birds.

What an experience and how awesome that I was able to fight my way up to the diverter of King Capella.

William Bosi

Should repeaters confirm the level of difficulty, listen King Cappella to the most difficult sport climbing routes in the world and William Bosi to the illustrious circle of 9b + climbers. So far, there has only been a route with this level of difficulty Adam Ondra, Alexander Megos., Jakob Schubert, Stefano Ghisolfi and Chris Sharma.

To climb La Capella (9b) rotpunkt, I needed three sessions. For comparison: In King Capella I only needed three sessions to decipher the first sequence.

William Bosi on the difficulty level

The fact that King Capella is almost certainly a 9b + confirms not only Williams' comparison with La Capella, but also the words of praise from the community and the following ticklist. Alexander Megos. comments briefly: "William Bosi is a machine".

William Bosi on the first ascent of King Capella (9b +) in Siurana. (Image Band of Birds)
William Bosi on the first ascent of King Capella (9b +) in Siurana. (Image Band of Birds)

Ticklist Spain - Sport Climbing

  • King Capella (9b +), first ascent
  • La Furia de Jabali (9b), first ascent
  • Last Night (9a), first ascent
  • First Ley (9a +)
  • Ley Indignata (9a)
  • Stadium Critico (9a)

Ticklist Spain - bouldering

  • Ulls de Bruixa (8c), first ascent
  • Bhai Kakata (8b + / c)
  • Bhai Bon (8b +)
  • Bhai Po (8b +)
  • Bhai Ji (8b +)
  • Hurricane (8b)

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