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Spanish Kinglines repeated

Jorg Verhoeven, Gabriele Moroni and Leo Ketil Bøe repeat classics of the 9th French degree in Siurana, Oliana and Margalef.

Gabriele Moroni: First ascent of David Lama Route Trofeo Dell'Adriatico

The Italian Gabriele Moroni succeeds in the first ascent of the sport climbing route Trofeo Dell'Adriatico (9a +) set up by David Lama around ten years ago.

Adam Ondra's wedding | Claassen & Kiersch climb Dreamcatcher (9a) | Moroni with 9a in the Franconian Jura

For a long time it remained quiet about the Squamish test piece Dreamcatcher in Canada. Until the two strong women Paige Claassen and Michaela Kiersch came. And the Italian pays a visit to the Franconian Jura and repeats the Bock route The Holy Grail. On the part of Adam Ondra there is for once no message from the rock, but from the altar: He and his partner have said yes.

Gabriele Moroni scores Bavona's classic Off the Wagon (8b +)

A few days ago, the Italian professional athlete Gabriele Moroni managed to inspect the famous Boulders Off the Wagon (8b +) in Val Bavona, Switzerland. made again...

Hazel Grace (8c) by Nalle Hukkataival and Gabriele Moroni repeated

The 8c boulder Hazel Grace on the Gotthard Pass has experienced a few repetitions in the past few days: none other than the Finn Nalle Hukkataival and the Italian Gabriele...

Gabriele Moroni repeats Highball Grande Gigante Gentile

A few days ago, the Italian athlete Gabriele Moroni repeated the mega-boulder Grande Gigante Gentile (8a) in Val Bavona, Switzerland. In May of this year was...

Gabriele Moroni repeats Bernd Zangerl's highball 29dots

The Italian Gabriele Moroni proved last Saturday that he has the necessary power and nerves of steel. Ingredients that are needed for the inspection of the highball...