The Italian athlete Gabriele Moroni succeeded in repeating the mega-boulder a few days ago Grande Gigante Gentile (8a) in Val Bavona, Switzerland.

In May of this year it was the Ticino Giuliano Cameroniwho succeeded in the first ascent of the 12-meter boulder. For once, Giuliano was not as cautious as on other inspections: "My proudest FA and all in all the best problem I have ever done."

First attempts in Toprope

The recent ascent took a few days ago the Italians Gabriele Moroni, He began to check out the Ticino Highball in Toprope in October. He came back last week, cleaned the handles, and got the third ascent. The first repetition of Grande Gigante Gentile succeeded Samuel Ometz shortly after the first ascent by Giuliano.

Gabriele Moroni at Grande Gigante Gentile (GGG)

News on the first ascent of Giuliano Cameroni in May 2017

Giuliano Cameroni's ingenious first ascent in the Val Bavona

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