While the American Daniel Woods climbed the Val-Bavona classic Off the Wagon (8b +) just a few days ago, his compatriot Alex Puccio managed to celebrate another gem in the area and her fifth boulder on this difficulty: Heritage, also 8b +.

This year, numerous American athletes went through the Swiss bouldering areas and provided for tough inspections. The latest inspections in the Sonnenstube in Switzerland announced Daniel Woods and Alex Puccio, They climbed Off the Wagon respectively Heritage, both in Val Bavona.

"Last day, best day! I am super happy to have climbed Heritage. I didn't try Heritage at the beginning of my stay because I don't feel that fit right now. But because I always wanted to climb the line and my friends mostly wanted to go to Val Bavona, I had no other choice. I surprised myself when I held the Top Handle in my hand on the third day. "

Alex Puccio on the Heritage Tour (8b + in Val Bavona, Switzerland)
Alex Puccio in front of the Boulder Heritage in Val Bavona. (Image: Robin O'Leary)

Daniel Woods climbs the famous Boulder Off the Wagon and more hard boulders

“What crazy trains. I practiced the first jump for four days and held the right grip almost every time, but never really, ”jokes Daniel Woods after the climb. After his buddy gave him a hint and Daniel internalized this tip, it worked a few attempts later. "The standing start is certainly awesome, but the real line starts from below," comments Daniel his way through. Whether it be during his stay for the low-start, his countryman Shawn Raboutou first, enough, we will see. By the way, by the way, Daniel Woods climbed in the days before The child gom (8c) in Brione and the 8b Boulder Zingaro in the Val Bavona.

Daniel Woods in The Kingdom - Brione

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Credits: Cover picture Robin O'Leary

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