The Russian Vadim Timonov stayed in Switzerland for about a month. After just a week, his ticklist was more than impressive. For the remaining three weeks, he kept up the pace and took home an even longer ticklist. A summary.

With our first report we waited a week because we knew Vadim would put one (several) on it every day. After just a few days, he started nine boulders in the eighth degree of French and never needed more than three attempts for the lines.

Boulder started after a week

This video showed his first inspections

After a betting detour to St. Gallen murgtal Vadim was back in Ticino in mid-December. Lines like The Story of Two Worlds (8c) and The Dagger (8b +) couldn't resist him for long either. With a twinkle in his eye, he announced on January 7th as a "rest day activity" the ascent of the 8b boulder Boogalagga within 10 minutes and a flash inspection of the 8a boulder Tasty Viennese delicacies.

Other lines he cracked in January are Fake pamplemousse (8a) Entwash (8a) Heritage (8b) The Shelter (8b) Ninja skills (8b +) and to top it off From Dirt Grows The Flowers (8c).

Off The Wagon low is not successful

A line, however, tried Vadim Timonov several times without success: Off the wagon low (8c +) in Val Bavona, In one of his attempts, he flew unchecked onto his back from a considerable height (following video). The deep start version of the Bavona classic Off The Wagon was made a year ago by the American Shawn Raboutou first arrived (LACRUX reported).

Vadim Timonov tries Off The Wagon low in Val Bavona

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Credits: Cover picture Vadim Timonov