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Natalie Bärtschi: “The powerful compression climbing grabbed me straight away.”

Natalie Bärtschi climbs the Magic Wood classic Neverending Story 1 and thus completes her long-term project.

Natalie Bärtschi and Julien Clémence defend their titles | Swiss Championship Bouldering 2023

Successful title defense: Natalie Bärtschi and Julien Clémence crowned themselves Swiss champions in the bouldering discipline on Saturday evening, April 1, in the L'Entrepôt climbing hall in Bulle. Jil Couture and Romain Sabatier win the title in the U18 category.

Natalie Bärtschi climbs Open Shoulders in Flatanger

The Swiss elite national team athlete Natalie Bärtschi scores the climbing route Open Shoulders in Flatanger, Norway.

Natalie Bärtschi: These are the three best clothes for bouldering

25-year-old Natalie Bärtschi has dedicated her life to sport. Whenever possible, she drives out onto the rock - preferably into the...

Video about Magic Wood classics with Natalie Bärtschi, Rebekka Stotz and Remo Sommer

The short film by Natalie includes the Boulder Sofa Surfer Direkt (8b), Höhenrausch (7b +), Infinite Story (8b +) and Minisex.

May we introduce: The Swiss athlete Natalie Bärtschi

When it comes to bouldering, Natalie Bärtschi is one of the best in Switzerland. The 23-year-old has not only achieved a lot in competitions, but also on the rock...

Natalie Bärtschi on her trip to the Rocklands

Like many athletes, Natalie Bärtschi spent the summer months in the South African bouldering paradise of Rocklands. Here guest post and the video of Natalie's stay. A...

Eleven Swiss athletes start at the World Cup in Munich

It's the crowning glory of the bouldering season: The World Cup in the Olympic Stadium in Munich. For the seventh time, the international bouldering elite will meet under the...