In today's guest article, Christof Völker presents the Exercise Block and Hold, which you can do on a campus board with stepping lists. Your maximum and blocking skills will be trained.

A guest post by Christof Völker of target10a

The campus board you use for this exercise does not have to be that long at the top. Therefore, this exercise is also suitable for smaller campus boards or installations in your home or your home.

  1. Starting position: You stand with both feet on a bar and hold with both hands and stretched arms a bar as far down as possible.
  2. Now you get swinging from the hips and the arms and pull with one hand to a bar as high as possible, but without grasping the bar. At this position you block seconds for 1-2.
  3. Then you reach back to the starting position with your hand and do it with your other hand.


Try to make 2-4 sets of 5 repeats per page. In between, take a break of about two minutes. If the 5 repetitions are too light, then a smaller bar can be taken. Alternatively, you can also try to pull something higher with your hand.


This very climbing-specific exercise mainly trains the maximum strength for the fingers and the blocking power. But also the explosive force is trained.

Video: The training exercise Block and Hold

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