Since September 2016 blowing fresh wind in the Basel bouldering scene. Ennet des Rheins, in Grenzach-Wyhlen, the Boulderhalle LöBloc opened its doors. We talked to Markus Matt, one of the managing directors of LöBloc.

The interview was conducted by Remo Schläpfer

The B2 is one of the largest (or probably the largest) bouldering hall in Switzerland and very well established. The new Boulderhalle LöBloc is a stone's throw away. How do you differentiate yourself?

We don't want to make a direct comparison with the B2 and appreciate the diversity. About LöBloc: Our visitors can look forward to a modern, personal bouldering hall designed with great attention to detail. We offer routes for all guests - from children to the elderly - everyone should enjoy bouldering and the cozy get-together that follows. Furthermore, we want to focus on company events together with partners. The biggest differentiating feature of a bouldering hall, whether LöBloc or another hall, are the guests themselves. Together with the team of the hall, they form a community. Some people like LöBloc and their guests better, others like the B2.

LöBloc is located in Germany. The entrance fee is certainly a lot cheaper than in a Swiss Boulderhalle?

Overall, we are cheaper in price than Swiss Boulderhallen. But this should not be a distinguishing feature of LöBloc. Our goal is to convince people with our offer.

What awaits the visitors in the LöBloc?

We offer around 1.200m² of wall space, approximately 250 boulder problems in all levels of difficulty and offer the Hardmover an extremely generous training area. This includes campusboard, sling trainer, system wall and various grip boards. An adequate compensation training is thus nothing in the way. Löbloc offers a lovingly designed children's area for families. The offer is supplemented by yoga classes and regular workshops and events.

What is the proportion of Swiss visitors to the hall?

Currently about one third of our guests are from Switzerland. Mainly from the surrounding cantons Basel, Aargau, Solothurn and Bern.

This is how the Boulderhalle LöBloc looks like

10 months bouldering hall LÖbloc - review and insight. Image: Raphaela Schiller Photography

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