As early as the middle of this year, there were rumors of two 9A boulders that Shawn Raboutou is said to have first climbed in spring 2022. One of them is Alphane in Ticino, the second Megatron in Eldorado Canyon near Colorado. Now the video for the second 9A first ascent by Shawn Raboutou is online.

With two 9A boulders, two to three 8C + and some 8C lines, the 24-year-old American has Shawn Raboutou a bouldering season behind him like no other climber before him. Megatron (9A) in El Dorado Canyon seems to be something like the culmination of his achievements - even if he first climbed it earlier in the year.

Video: Shawn Raboutou climbs Megatron (9A) in Eldorado Canyon

Especially when you consider how long extremely strong climbers like Daniel Woods, Drew Ruana or Jimmy Webb have been trying to climb this line. opened in 2017 Daniel Woods the standing start called Tron (8B+). Megatron adds a hard-hitting sit start in the 8C/8C+ range to that very physical ten moves.

With his latest edit to Megatron, Matty Hong has succeeded in creating a very approachable and unpretentious portrait of Shawn Raboutou's first ascent, which is absolutely worth seeing.

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