An open secret for a long time, officially and as a video can be marveled at today: Shawn Raboutou's first ascent of Boulder Alphane (9A). The strong American not only opened the first 9A boulder in Switzerland with the extremely strong and equally technical line, but only the third worldwide.

Shawn Raboutou is currently the strongest boulderer of his time. He repeats and opens 8C and 8C+ boulders at a pace that regularly amazes the climbing community. On April 6, he achieved another highlight in his climbing career: the first ascent of alphanes in Chironico.

It is the first time that difficulty level 9A has been proposed in Switzerland. Given that numerous strong boulderers like Giuliano Cameroni, Daniel Woods, Matty Hong or Jimmy Webb have tried the project with Shawn Raboutou, but have so far been unsuccessful, the assessment should hardly be questioned for the time being.

Video: Shawn Raboutou climbs Alphane (9A)

Alphane: Third 9A boulder in the world

In addition to the latest creation by Shawn Raboutou, there are currently only two boulders that have a difficulty level of 9A: Burden of Dreams  Nalle Hukkataival and Return of the Sleepwalker  Daniel Woods. Neither Burden of Dreams nor Return of the Sleepwalker have been repeated and confirmed in their degree.

The Boulder Soudain Seul was passed on the first ascent Simon Lorenzi Rated 9A, passed on second ascent Nico Pelorson downgraded to 8C+ and through Camille Coudert rated 9A again on the third ascent. So there is no undisputedly rated 9A boulder yet.

We have an overview for you the most difficult boulder in the world compiled from difficulty level 8C+. Notes on lines missing from the list are welcome and can be communicated in the comments field.

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