Right now, that's all there is to it in the Rocklands. Nalle Hukkataival, David Graham, Daniel Woods, Paul Robinson, James Webb and Alexander Megos, just to name a few. Numerous Swiss were recently or are still in the South African bouldering paradise. Among them Natalie Bärtschi, Remo Sommer and Samuel Ometz.

We have noted some interesting inspections in the past few days and wanted to report about it again and again. But at the current frequency, we simply do not have the time to inform you immediately. So here is a brief overview of what went on in the past few days.

Everything about the 9a-Boulderer Nalle Hukkataival

One of the most active in the Rocklands at the moment is the Finn Nalle Hukkataival, He joins a first ascent to the other (LACRUX reported) and occasionally climbs a line that already exists. Here he succeeds the first ascent of Trust Issues (8b +).

Another first ascent of Nalle is Mask Off (8a).

Dave Graham climbs old projects

In the picture climbs Dave graham The Speed ​​of Sound (8b +) and comments as follows: “The speed of sound is an amazing compression climb James Webb and Daniel Woods Added to The Saddle years ago !! It was amazing to finally master those heel hooks and finally take it down !!! ”

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In the following video, Dave Graham climbs James Webb's line Where Giants Lurk (8a) and thinks this is definitely one of the most ingenious lines in the Rocklands!

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Credits: Picture Kevin Takashi Smith

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