The Czech Republic is richer by an 8c boulder. It was the first to be climbed by what is probably the strongest climber in the world at the moment: Adam Ondra. Sviní Ponor may not go down in the history books as Sloup's most beautiful boulder, but as the most unusual: It starts in a river bed and can only be climbed when the water level is low.

Adam Ondra has in the climbing area Column climbed a new 8c boulder for the first time. Potential repeaters of Svini Ponor are double challenged not to get cold feet. The line is not only really difficult, but also starts directly above a small stream that carries more or less water depending on the weather conditions. During the inspection process, Adam Ondra not only gained experience with the flow speed of the water. The Czech professional climber checked the water temperature several times – although not intentionally.

Video: Adam Ondra shallow water soloing in Sloup

forces of nature

Sloup offers endless possibilities for hard bouldering problems, enthuses Adam Ondra. He discovered his youngest line Sviní Ponor last year. "Until recently, the boulder could not be climbed at all because the lower part was still buried in the ground." Only after the stream had removed enough material could he start planning.

He made the first ascent two weeks after the birth of his son Hugo. The fact that the young father was able to climb the boulder problem on the second attempt is probably also due to the endorphins that this happy event released in him.

Hugo Ondra
Adam Ondra made the first ascent of Sviní Ponor two weeks after the birth of his son Hugo.

Sviní Ponor (8c) – On the dive

When Adam Ondra arrived in Sloup at 17 p.m., the line did not look very promising. "The boulder was completely wet," he recalls. Luckily, the wind then picked up and was able to dry the rock within two hours.

Video: Adam Ondra's First Ascent by Sviní Ponor (8c)

During the same period, however, the water level also rose and surprised Adam Ondra, who was watching others climbing. "My climbing shoes and my kneepads were wet and the crash pads were partly floating in the river." A few stones and pieces of wood later, the pads were back in place and the Czech was able to climb his line on the second attempt. He named the 8c boulder to match the setup Sviní Ponor, which means dive.

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Credits: Cover picture Adam Ondra