In January 2016 around 8000 tons of rock thundered into the Murgtal, damaging the small power plant in the lake sector. Now, the community apparently cleared away existing blocks during a clean-up operation.

As reported by Silvan Dermond, editor of the future bouldering guide for the Murg Valley, opposite LACRUX, the central willow blocks are gone. Among other things also the Murgtraverse. "The Murgtraverse has changed in inclination due to the vibrations of the rockslide anyway. Many kids boulders are gone, "continues Silvan.

Here is the picture that Stephan Rothenberger sent to LACRUX. If anyone knows more, please leave a comment!

Rock fall in the Murg Valley - Lake sector
Rockfall in the Murg Valley - This is what the lake sector looks like recently

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Credits: Picture Stephan Rothenberger


2 Replies to "Blocks cleared away in the boulder area Murgtal"

  1. Hi
    After two years we were back in the Murgtal for bouldering today and unfortunately it looks exactly like in the photo of Stephan Rothenberger. Too bad, especially since the level was right at the river bouldering so beautiful. Does anyone know how it continues?

    1. Hello Baba
      According to my clarifications, the blasting work is over.
      The blocks were blown up because the local community Murg needed building material for the stream.
      Of course it is a pity about the beautiful boulders, which were blown away. Fortunately, the Murg Valley has many other beautiful bouldering spots to offer.
      From September on, the Murg Valley topo will be available from, where you will find all the information on the different sectors. This can already be pre-ordered on
      Best regards and allez

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