The Magic Wood season is in full swing. Time for a good dose of inspiration and motivation. Dive into the enchanted forest with his dream bouldering with Marco Müller.

Marco Müller is one of the strongest climbers in Switzerland. Not only on the rope he lets himself be heard again and again with the ascent of difficult lines - he is also strong on the blocks.

He had an extremely successful day this early summer when he Jack's Broken Heart (8a / +), Octopussy (8a) and Võigas (8a +) could climb.

Training tips from Marco Müller

At the beginning of their climbing career, hardly anyone can imagine climbing an 8a route or even an 8a boulder. With a little training, motivation and time, this is very possible. Action Talk TV has a three-part Training series with Marco Müller in which the 9a climber shows us complete sessions for training at home.

Episode 1 - Body Tension

Episode 2 - finger strength

Episode 3 - Upper Body Workout

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Credits: Cover picture Marco Müller