The French Clément Lechaptois got the second repetition of the 8c-Boulder Foundation's Edge and climbed a boulder of this grade for the second time. A few days later, he committed the endurance boulder The Never Ending Story (8b +).

Last Friday, Clément secured only the third ascent of the huge Foundation's Edge roof boulder near Fionnay, Wallis.

"The line consists of crazy sequences on small strips and requires complex foot technique before it comes to the most terrifying handle you can imagine."

Clément Lechaptois

The 26-year-old started projecting the boulder a year ago, but then had to put the project on hold due to numerous obligations and studies. Foundation's Edge at Fionnay was first climbed by the American Dave Graham in 2013 and repeated for the first time by Shawn Raboutou in autumn 2018.

Report on the first ascent of the Boulders Foundation's Edge by Dave Graham

After the exploit in Valais full throttle in Magic Wood

After the inspection on Wednesday last week, Clément drove to Averstal. At the weekend he managed to climb the Magic Wood classic there The Never Ending Story (8b +). Unfortunately there is no video of Clément Lechaptoi's ascent of the boulder. His video of the tours of the Boulder The Knowing (8b), Electroboogie (8a +), New Base Line (8b +) and Riverbed (8b) helps to remedy the situation.

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Credits: Cover picture Clement Lechaptois