German professional athlete Fabian Buhl announces the third ascent of the 8b + Boulders Iur in Cresciano.

In the months of January and February lingered Fabi Buhl together with his girlfriend Mélissa La Nevé in Ticino. After many alpine projects Fabi wanted to focus on bouldering in the winter months and surprised himself with the inspection of lur.

With a little dedication, the right preparation and a cool team, it was possible to switch from alpine to bouldering so quickly. "

Fabi Buhl on the commission of Iur

The Boulder Iur was discovered by the Basque climber Markel Mendieta, respectively made rock solid. He took the time to build a suitable log out of tree trunks and began to boulder the line. The name of the boulder is the name of his son, who was born when Markel was bouldering in Ticino. The The first ascent was won by Ticino Giuliano Cameroni a year ago.

Fabi Buhl in a short interview about Iur and his time in Ticino

When did you first consider Boulder Iur?
At the end of January I started to plan the Boulder. But first I had to get fit because until then I was more alpine.

And when did it work out?
That was in February.

How did you make the switch from alpine to bouldering?
I try to switch between disciplines over the course of the year, so as not to lose the shape. Bouldering gives a very solid foundation, which helps in sport climbing routes and multi-pitch rides.

Where is it going next?
Next (July) I fly to Peru for mountaineering.

Fabi Buhl at the celebration of Dreamtime

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Credits: Title picture Stefan Schlumpf


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