The young Ticino Giuliano Cameroni continues his on-the-go-pace from last year. Seven boulders in eighth grade Giuliano could add to his tick list since January. One of the most beautiful lines is the first ascent of the compression boulder lur (8b +).

Among the heavy lines that Giuliano Cameroni has scored since the beginning of the year are familiar names like Mithril sit, La proute or La natura va sit, The 21 year old is especially proud of the first ascent of the beautiful line lur (8b +) to be in Cresciano. The line was discovered or climbed by the Basque climber Markel Mendieta. He took the time to build a suitable log out of tree trunks and began to boulder the line. The name of the boulder is the name of his son, who was born when Markel was bouldering in Ticino.

Climb as many hard boulders as you can

LACRUX met Giuliano at the weekend in Cresciano and talked to him about his plans. On the commission of a super heavy boulder (8c + or 9a), he apparently does not want to focus. "I want to climb as many hard boulders as possible - no, I want to climb them all," says Giuliano full of verve and continues: "The areas in Ticino still offer so many 8b + and 8c-Boulder. It's incredible". For the time being, however, Giuliano will not make any more visits to Ticino, as he is going to Fontainebleau for several weeks to come along Charles Albert, Jimmy Webb and other strong guys on difficult projects and hopefully to climb them.

Giuliano Cameroni at the first ascent of Mithril (sit)


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