The Swiss climber Giani Clément succeeds again in the ascent of a hard boulder. In Magic Wood he climbs La Grosse Tarlouze (XNUMXc).

He just can not be stopped. A few weeks after the ascent of the two Magic Wood Classic Ill Trill and New Base Line (both XNUMXb +), Giani Clément grabs the third ascent of the boulder La Grosse Tarlouze (XNUMXc). at La Grosse Tarlouze is XNUMX moves long and a combination of the classic Never ending Story with the line La Tarlouze. The combined line was first ascended by Michael Piccolruaz four years ago.

"It was perhaps the biggest fight of my life in bouldering. A fight against the brutal pump, as well as a fight against the freezing conditions. "

Giani Clément
Not for everyone: Giani Clément defies the cold in La Grosse Tarlouze. (Picture Jonathan Heusser)

Giani climbed the boulder in inhospitable cold temperatures and often did not feel his fingers properly. In addition to the mental and climbing challenge, temperature was a key factor in success / failure.

"A hot stone at the resting point saved my life and made it possible to get through."

Giani Clément

The season in the Magic Wood is now over for Giani too. Waiting for him projects in the Ticinowhere the perfect conditions have just come. A line he tried last week did not resist the Grisons long: The Dagger Sit climbs (8b +) Giani within a short time.

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Credits: Cover picture Thomas Lindinger