After many serious first ascents in Ticino, young Ticino Giuliano Cameroni made his pilgrimage to Bouldermekka Fontainebleau. Along with Charles Albert He moved around the blocks and reported two days ago the commission of the 8c Boulder The Big Island at Coquibus Rumont.

The Big Island is a version of the Dave graham in the year 2008 first-line The Island, The Boulder was often traded as the last major line in Fontainebleau. For the compression boulder Dave proposed the level of difficulty 8c, which subsequent Boulderer but not confirmed. The general opinion was 8b +.

8c version by Vincent Pochon - and now Giuliano Cameroni

Parallel to Dave Graham also projected Vincent Pochon The Island, He, however, started two moves earlier, as he considered the starting position there more natural. This version is under the name today The Big Island (8c) and has now been made by Giuliano Cameroni dotted. If you take a look at the recent tours of Giuliano, then you suspect that he likes compression boulders:

Giuliano Cameroni on the commission of Iur, Cresciano

Giuliano Cameroni: Iur's dream line first arrived in Cresciano

Giuliano in Great Escape, Cresciano

Giuliano Cameroni manages a hard first ascent in Cresciano

Video by Jan Hojer

Unfortunately there is no video of the ascent of Giuliano Cameroni. Remedy will be provided by Jan Hojer.

Credits: picture Jess Talley


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