Last year Jakob Schubert paid a visit to the Swiss Magic Wood bouldering area. One boulder really bothered him: Ill Thrill (8b +). Here is the video.

The Austrian Jakob Schubert is used to making short work of difficult bouldering and routes. A murmur regularly goes through the climbing scene when he announces his ticklist after a climbing trip.

Jakob Schubert projecting Ill Thrill. (Photo Michael Piccolruaz)

In June 2020, for example, he climbed boulders like within two days Practice of the Wild (8b +), New Base Line (8b +) and The Never Ending Story (8b +), the latter even flash. The three mentioned boulders were only the tip of the iceberg, respectively its ticklist.

It was different with someone else Magic Wood-Stay - or more precisely, on the line Ill thrill. It just didn't work out with the step-through.

My motivation and ambition spurred this difficult situation on. That helps to work a good five hours on such an ascent.

Jakob Schubert

Where he's right, he's right. His perseverance has paid off. At the end of the day drove Jakob Schubert namely, not going home without having achieved anything, but instead added another heavy line to his route book.

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Here Jakob Schubet is flashing 8b + (Neverending Story)

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Credits: Michael Piccolruaz