The German climber Kim Marschner has given the Furka Pass rows of impressive boulders. He shows an excerpt of it in this video.

In 2020 we wrote in an article: «Am Furka Pass countless excellent bouldering problems in high alpine surroundings at up to 2600 m above sea level are waiting for hungry repeaters". At that time the authors published Ulrich and Harald Roeker for the first time topos of bouldering lines on the Furka and Nufenen passes.

A lot has happened since then. Among others was the German climber Kim Marschner active, even hyperactive, as he demonstrates in the following video. He has climbed numerous impressive lines for the first time. Will the Furka area soon become the new hotspot of the international climbing scene?

Here is an excerpt of the climbed boulders

  • Elephant butt (7A+)
  • Golden Warden (8A+)
  • Roos can't fall (7C)
  • Stone by Stone (8A+/B)
  • Eye Contact (8A+)
  • 3/4 heavy (8A)
  • Dreamland (7C)
  • Sheep cheese (8A)
  • Crystal Hole (8A+)
  • Cherry On Top (8B+)

Kim Marschner opens heaps of boulders on the Furka Pass (Switzerland)

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Credits: Cover picture Kim Marschner / Harald Roeker

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