For the most popular bouldering area in the world, the Rocklands in South Africa, there is now a new bouldering guide. In addition to the printed form, the newly developed lines are also listed in the 27 Crags app.

Everything that has rank and name flies in the summer months to South Africa, to bouldering in the boulder paradise par excellence, the Rocklands. The region has been experiencing a huge hype and rapid development for several years. Boulder sizes like Nalle Hukkataival, Fred Nicole, Kaddi Lehmann or the local Scott Noy contributed significantly to the development of the South African bouldering paradise. Scott Noy is also the one who published a new boulder guide in print a few days ago. "I never thought that I would ever publish a bouldering guide in my life. But with love and passion for a cause, you suddenly make completely new things, "says the publisher of the new Boulder Bible.

New, the Boulder are also digitally recorded

The new bouldering leader "Rocklands Bouldering" can be on site at Travelers Rest Farm Stall bought or directly at Scott be ordered. If you prefer direct piloted via GPS to the block, which should be the Bouldering app 27 Crags take a closer look. In the premium version of the app all boulders are recorded and described, just like in the printed version. Who cares about the roaming charges, we can calm down: The Boulderverzeichnis is also available offline.

Digital Bouldering Guide: All lines are drawn in and provided with information
All lines are drawn in the app and provided with information

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