In January 2019, Frenchman Charles Albert climbed the Boulder No Kpote Only in Fontainebleau. He suggested 9a as a rating. Now there is the video of the inspection

According to the evaluation proposal by Charles Albert, who climbed the Boulder No Kpote Only barefoot, went a murmur through the climbing scene. Because so far this level of difficulty has only been used in the case of Burden of dreams, pronounced. The Japanese traveled in March Ryohei Kameyama to Fontainebleau to see the second ascent of the boulder to get home. With success.

Ryohei devalues ​​No Kpote Only

Ryohei is not very clear about the rating, but let it be known that he No Kpote Only rather than 8c + / 9a. The 9a-Boulder Burden Of Dreams, which the Japanese had previously planned, is classified as slightly more difficult. But the fact is: No Kpote Only is one of the most difficult lines in the world and is worth viewing.

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Credits: Cover picture Lucien Martinez