The Japanese Ryuichi Murai manages the ascent of the Val Bavona classic Off The Wagon, although it was mostly wet. A day later, he committed the 8c boulder The Story of Two Worlds in Cresciano.

Announced a few weeks ago Ryuichi the commission of the heaviest boulder in his native Japan. He committed United, a boulder on Mount Mizugaki and rated this with 8c +. This was shortly before his arrival in Switzerland. For a week now he is in Tessin and defy the bad weather. For a long time, the blocks in southern Switzerland were completely wet and therefore not rockable. Nevertheless, Ryuichi was mostly out and looked at the classics like Off the Wagon

One day after Off The Wagon follows 8c-Boulder's The Story of Two Worlds

On the first day without precipitation he already reported the commission of a heavy boulder. Despite being mostly wet handles, Ryuichi committed the 8b + rated and Nalle Hukkataival first-time boulder Off The Wagon, A day later, the next success story followed: The 8c line The Story of Two Worlds Ryuichi also has it in his pocket. We are puzzled as the ticklist of the young Japanese will fill up during his stay in Ticino.

Ryuichi at the celebration of Off The Wagon

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Credits: Cover picture Matani0329